We have put together a list of some of the most asked frequently questions when it comes property clearance

ARE YOU LICENSED WASTE CARRIERS? – YES We are licensed waste carriers and pay to dispose of our rubbish at licensed waste and recycling centers, we also give our customers a waste transfer notice as per with Environment Agency guidelines.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? – Our house clearance prices start at £350 for a small property, prices can vary though depending on density of contents and number of rooms, in some cases we can offer a FREE HOUSE CLEARANCE subject to viewing.

DO YOU BUY ITEMS ? YES – We buy lots items from our customers. We issue a purchase order and pay by bank transfer.

CAN YOU CLEAR ONLY CERTAIN PARTS OF MY HOUSE ? YES We can clear singular items from individual rooms and buildings throughout the property such as the shed, garage, loft and outbuildings. This can be a great way to recycle and DE-clutter your home and make some room.

DO YOU RECYCLE WHAT YOU TAKE AWAY ? YES we are passionate about recycling and try to recycle 80% percent of what we clear, certain items unfortunately are difficult to recycle like old mattresses, furniture without the relevant fire safety tags, certain plastics and food. That said we will try our utmost to redistribute and recycle what we clear through charities, shelters and in some cases individuals who feel need some help, you can read our recycling policy and ethos here

CAN YOU TAKE MY STUFF TO THE CHARITIES I SUPPORT ? YES – We are more than happy to redistribute items to the charities supported by you or the deceased, just give us the details and we can deliver on your behalf. We support a number of local charities so can help you decide where to send things, donating to charity also keep tipping fees down which means its cheaper fort you and great for charities so its a win-win.

WILL YOU LEAVE MY HOUSE TIDY AFTER THE HOUSE CLEARANCE ? YES – We always vacuum and sweep each space cleared, so that it looks neat, tidy and presentable, upon request we can lightly clean your property e.g mopping of floors wiping down work tops etc with domestic cleaning products or we can offer a professional deep clean service, ask for details.  

WILL I NEED TO BE AT THE PROPERTY? – NO You dont have to be at the house when we clear it, we often work via a third party such as a solicitior, family friend, estate agent or neighbour. If you would like to be the property when we do the clearance, thats fine with us.

CAN YOU SEPRERATE SENTIMENTAL ITEMS? – YES We make every endeavour to seperate any itmes we deem to be sentimental or sensitive, we will usually put items to one side and then phone you to see what you want to do with them