House Clearance Tips

Below are some tips which will help your house clearance go smoothly whether you do it yourself or got a professional house clearance company, the best piece of advice we can give is good communication to manage the expectations on both sides.

  • Talk through what needs doing, to manage expectations on both sides, ask the clearance company what you can do to ensure things go smoothly and discuss any concerns and requirements you have prior to the clearance, so that they aren’t any unknowns for either party on the day that could cause problems.
  • Always get a written quote over email or through the post before any work is carried out, a verbal agreement is not sufficient. Make sure the quote covers everything including any extras or special requirements that you may of discussed, once quoted the company should stick to the quote.
  • DO NOT pay for the clearance up front, unless under special circumstances with a written agreement, wait until you have inspected the property and are satisfied with the job that has been done, in some cases the company may require a refundable deposit or small percentage payment up front but never pay in full.
  • Make sure the house clearance contractor quoting is made aware of any hidden spaces with contents that need to be cleared, it’s up to the contractor to spot this, but worth covering off to avoid any issues on the day.
  • Put Post-It Notes or colored stickers on any items that you dont want cleared and write on them DO NOT TAKE, this can help avoid any misunderstandings which at worst could result in things unknowingly going to the tip which cant be returned, alternatively put all of the things you want to keep in a cupboard or a dedicated room.
  • Don’t remove or add contents to the property being cleared once it has been quoted for, such as adding rubbish from another property or by removing items that have been used to off set the price of the clearance. If you are going to change the contents let the contractor know so they can adjust the quote accordingly.
  • If parking is an issue outside the building tell the contractor quoting so he can make provision,  you could try and reserve a space outside by speaking to neighbors or by reserving a spot with your car or a couple of wheelie bins.
  • Remove sentimental items from the property before the clearance such as photos diaries jewellery etc, we work hard to return anything that we think is sentimental, but a lot of companies wont be so diligent or mindful, once it’s gone it could be gone for good : (
  • In some instances it can be a good idea to let neighbors know especially elderly ones, that you have a company clearing the property, as they make think the property is being burgled, which could cause unnecessary stress and worry.


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