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At Ascot House Clearances recycling is an important part of what we do, and over the years we have developed a good methodology that ensures that whereever possible we minimize commercial tipping fees either through charitable redistrubtion, purchasing of goods, bulking of materials and general smart recycling.

We make every endeavor to recycle between up to 80% of what we clear, in order to achieve this we have been working with a number of charities for a few years who take the items that we dont purchase, which is a great way to reduce tipping fees and also some gives some solice that the belongings of a family member have gone to a good use and will help someone else.

Some of the charities are particuarly fussy and not very practical, the charities below we have found to be honest, easy to work with and grateful of your donations, and by working with them reguarly we have a good idea of what items they will take on a regular basis.


Delivering Blankets To The Dogs Home

Where does the Rubbish Go?

We use a number of recycling centres depending on where we are working, however we normally use the RE3 recycling centres in Bracknell or Reading which are waste transfer stations for commercial waste carriers.

As we are licensed commerical waste carriers we have to pay and declare all of the rubbish we dispose off and everytime we visit the recyling centre a strict protocol  is enforced where we have to fill out a waste transfer notice in order to dispsoe of the rubbish.

We are charged in weight at the tip and are weighed in and then weighed out using a weighbridge to determine the amount of rubbish that has been unloaded, we supply the receipts for every transaction at the tip so you cant rest assured knowing that everything we clear has been properly disposed of.



Charities We Support


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